2024 Edgar Award Best Young Adult Finalists

2024 Edgar Award Best Young Adult Finalists

April 29th at 6PM ET

YA Mysteries You Won't Be Able to Put Down!

The Edgar Awards celebrate books and short stories in the mystery, crime, suspense, and intrigue fields published within the U.S., and these jaw-dropping YA titles made the final cut! Prep schools, a road trip, and space itself make for unforgettable settings for these nail-biting tales!

Tune in to check out: 

  • Star Splitter by MATTHEW J. KIRBYAfter waking up on the desolate planet that she was supposed to be surveying from above, surrounded by blood and destruction, Jessica must unravel the mystery of her new reality. Who lays in these fresh graves, and who is this familiar stranger that's still here?

  • The Sharp Edge of Silence by CAMERON KELLY ROSENBLUM. Lycroft Phelps is one of the most elite private high schools in the nation, and comes with the history to prove it. But navigating it all will make Charlotte, Max, and Quinn question all they thought they knew about themselves… and the school. Especially when Quinn’s sexual assault becomes public and implicates one of the top-tier athletes on campus.

  • My Flawless Life by YVONNE WOON. With her reputation destroyed by her senator father's nearly-fatal accident, her friends gone, and her job as a "fixer" all but defunct, Hana takes a job from an anonymous client to follow her former best friend, hoping it'll help get her old life back. But before she knows it, she's forced to face not only her classmates' darkest secrets, but her own.

  • Just Do This One Thing for Me by LAURA ZIMMERMANN. After a life of riding out her mother's scams, raising her two younger siblings, and just trying to make things work, Drew is faced with a choice. When her mom disappears on the way to a concert in Mexico and her schemes start unraveling, Drew can either do the responsible thing and walk away, alone, or keep the cons going, and just maybe hold her family together.

Monday, April 29th at 6PM ET via Crowdcast!

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