Animal Picture Book Fun

Animal Picture Book Fun

Sunday, July 17th at 1:00PM EST

Fun with Animals Big and Small!

Whether it's elephants or turtles, dogs or pigs, kids love animals! Here are five great new stories featuring critters your kids will love! Don't miss this Books of Wonder picture book event with all your favorite creatures!
  • Listen Up, Louella by ASHLEY BELOTE introduces us to an adorable elephant named Louella, with the not-so-adorable habit of neglecting her friends! Can Louella's friends convince her to share the fun of summer camp and really listen? 
  • Wild Beings by DORIEN BROUWERS celebrates all things fierce and wild! Find wolves, whales, and birds that glide together across the author/artist's remarkable illustrations.
  • How Old is Mr. Tortoise? by DEV PETTY finds all of Mr. Tortoise's friends eager to celebrate his birthday, but just how old is he? Using clues from the natural world, his friends set out to solve the mystery!
  • Patch of Sky by NIC YULO asks how do you show your pig the sky when he can't look up? Pia is one little girl determined to find an answer!
These stories are sure to become new favorites for your young animal lovers!

Sunday, July 17th at 1:00PM EST via Crowdcast!

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