Warning: Do Not Open This Book

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Price: $16.99
Item Number: 159643
Manufacturer: Simon & Schuster
Manufacturer Part No: 9781442435827
Illustrator: Matthew Forsythe
Warning! Do not open this book under any circumstances. If you do, you will let the monkeys out! And once they get out, there’s no telling what will happen. You’re still reading? Well, now you’ve gone and let loose a flock of toucans. Hurry up and close the book before it’s too late! Uh-oh. You didn’t stop reading…and now there’s a giant alligator on the loose! Now you can’t stop reading. You’ve got to help get everything back to normal. Quick, let’s set a trap. Will you make it in time? 

Your young daredevils won’t be able to keep themselves from turning the page as they wade through caution tape, warning signs, and scenes of chaos in this amusing mayhem-filled tale.