The Way to Bea

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Price: $16.99
Item Number: N57-192770
Manufacturer Part No: 9780316236676
Signed by: Kat Yeh
Author: Kat Yeh
Format: Hardcover

Beatrix Lee’s life is falling apart around her. About to enter the seventh grade, she’s recently friendless and feels all alone – like no one will listen to her and that her words don’t matter. Still, she manages to find some solace in writing haiku in invisible ink and hiding them in a super-secret spot. Maybe it’s not so super-secret after all, because one day she discovers that someone’s written back. But who could have found her hiding spot and deciphered her secret messages? Is it her former best friend? Or maybe Briggs, the eighth grader Bea is working with on the newspaper? Or it could even be Will, the new kid who Bea has recently bonded with? As Bea tries to uncover the identity of her pen pal, she might just discover that her words -- and Bea herself -- have more power than she thought. Your young readers will be charmed by this heart-warming tale as Bea makes new friends and discovers that it’s okay to be herself. Ages 8-12. 352pp. Signed by author Kat Yeh.

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