The Silver Sorceress of Oz

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Price: From $19.95 to $49.95
Manufacturer: Emerald City Press
Illustrator: Jason Chin
Format: Hardcover

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This thrilling new adventure introduces us to Sonora, the Silver Sorceress of Oz. Nearly as powerful as Glinda, the Silver Sorceress has hidden her existence for centuries, working her magic in solitude. Only one thing disturbs her peace -- the long-ago loss of one of her most powerful creations: the enchanted Silver Hammer. For years, its loss has gnawed away at her. So when a magical means to find her long-lost treasure comes along, she is determined to regain what is rightfully hers. There's just one problem -- it's carefully locked away with all of Ozma's magical treasures in the heart of the Emerald City Palace. Using her silver sorcery to hide her presence, Sonora sneaks into the palace and attempts to steal away the Silver Hammer. But Ozma and her friends are not easily fooled. And as one plan after another to regain her treasure is foiled, the Silver Sorceress becomes ever more angry and desperate. Meanwhile, back in America, a young lad named Trent suddenly finds himself magically transported to Oz. Bewildered and unprepared for his unexpected journey, he meets Dorothy as she seeks to stop the Silver Sorceress. But Sonora is a crafty and powerful adversary. Have Ozma and Glinda met their match? Can Ozma -- even with the aid of Glinda, the Wizard, Dorothy, and many more of your favorite Oz friends -- thwart the Silver Sorceress and her cohorts before they cause more harm to Oz? The Silver Sorceress of Oz is crammed with action, adventure, and suspense -- including marvelous new Oz territories and magical paraphernalia. Bursting with magic and mystery, this enchanting new tale set in America's favorite fairyland features nearly three dozen striking original illustrations and a full-color cover.