Invisible Inkling: Dangerous Pumpkins

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Price: $15.00
Item Number: 105159
Manufacturer: HarperCollins
Manufacturer Part No: 61802239
Illustrator: Harry Bliss
Format: Hardcover
Its Halloween, which to most kids means costumes and candy. But for fourth grader Hank Wolowitz, Halloween is one of the worst days of the year. Every Halloween his older sister, Nadia, scares him half to deathand he doesnt like that one bit! However, this year, everything is going to be different. After all, Hanks the only kid in Brooklyn maybe the whole country -- with an invisible bandapat living in his laundry basket. And Invisible Inkling loves Halloween. Unfortunately, thats  probably because his favorite food is pumpkin! Hank has his hands so full trying to stop Invisible Inkling from devouring all the neighborhoods jack-o-lanterns that he doesnt have time to come up with a cool costume. Will this Halloween really be different than all of his other miserable ones? Your young readers will be laughing aloud as Hank struggles to keep Invisible Inklings antics from getting him into all sorts of hilarious trouble on Halloween night. Ages 6-10. 160pp.