In a Glass Grimmly (Grimm #2)

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Price: $16.99
Item Number: 135893
Manufacturer: Penguin
Manufacturer Part No: 9780525425816
Author: Adam Gidwitz
Illustrator: Hugh D'Andrade
Format: Hardcover
Jack and Jill went up a hill to fetch a pail of water. Or so goes the nursery rhyme. However, in this grim reinterpretation of many classic fairy tales, Jack and Jill’s journey is much more thrilling – and way more treacherous! When Jack and Jill foolishly pledge their lives to find the long-lost Seeing Glass, they find themselves in for a dark and dangerous adventure! They’ll have to climb a beanstalk, visit a goblin market, descend into a fire-belching salamander’s lair, and confront a trio of child eaters in a chamber of bones in order to see their quest through to the end. Will they be able to survive the gory world of Grimm Fairy Tales and complete their mission to find the Seeing Glass? 

Your young readers will love this inventively spine-tingling weaving together of many classic fair tales as they discover that all actions have consequences – some quite grave!